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Annual reports and accounts


Membership policy

Our core membership policy is simple

  • you must be over 18 years old
  • you must be on the electoral role of one of the three parishes

There is obviously a few more detailed rules and these are summarised in this policy and in our full rules

Site identification and acquisition

Our key priority initially is to identify possible sites and get some initial guidance on them from SDNPA planning officers. Then, before making them public, we will talk to the site owners and see which of them are viable. At that stage, we will arrange a public meeting to get views from the community.

Housing allocation

We are probably several years away from building anything yet – we need to identify sites, negotiate purchase and then think about the design of the houses, getting planning permission before we even try to raise money to build. When we get nearer to this stage, we’ll be asking out members to approve an allocation policy – so you won’t find on here yet.

Full legal registration document and rules of trust

In order to be approved as legally registered body, we have to produce detailed rules and have them approved by the Financial Conduct Authority. You can download the full set of rules here.

Financial policy

We approved a fairly simply set of rules for our treasurer to operate under to protect our initially small funds. Once we start raising grands and investments funds to build houses through, we will be asking members to approve more detailed rules to protect their money. This can be viewed here

Directors and other policies and documents

It will be up to the members to nominate and elect directors at our annual general meetings. The rules for this are in the policy. You will also find our code of conduct and our policy on conflicts of interest.