START what?

Love West Sussex?


Stunning landscapes and pretty villages, protected by National Park status, the rural South Downs is a wonderful area to live - 

if you can afford it! 

But . . .


What if you were born here and want to stay, get a job and start a family?

Or . . .


. . . you're a teacher, nurse, farm-worker, or someone else we desperately need to keep this lovely part of England going? 

. . . or . . .


. . .  you're older and ready to downsize, but "incomers" have expanded all the local houses and you can't find a small one?

Then . . .


. . . as in many of the more attractive parts of the country, you're likely to find yourself priced out of the market, because so many wealthy people want to live here.

Bridging the gap


That's where we come in . . .


Our three communities in the rural South Downs have come together and created a Community Land Trust . . . 


. . . the Stedham, Trotton and Rogate Together - or START -Community Trust

. . .  in order to provide low-cost housing (and other community facilities) that can be reserved for people with a local connection or an essential occupation - the detailed allocation policy will be approved by the full membership.


We received our FCA incorporation on 5th April 2019 as 

community benefit society (number 8087), 

and that's what we aim to be!

But that's just our legal form -

our mission is to be a community land trust . . . 

To find out more, click on the pictures or use the menu . . .

What is a community land trust?


and what can it (and can't it) do?

Who runs START?


Who sets its policies and plans, 

chooses sites and designs for its houses, 

and decides who can live in them?

What's it going to do?


Build houses? Where? When?

How do I get a say in it?


How do I vote on where and what it builds, where, and who's allowed to live there?.

SIgn me up!


. . . as a voting member, volunteer, donor, sponsor, to offer a site, to apply for a house, or just to join the mailing list

What are the rules?


See and download our policies, the society rules agreed with the Financial Conduct Authority and any other documents