What are START's plans?

To build houses


It takes most CLTs three to five years from setup to making their first planning application - so nothing's going to happen fast! However, we are clear that our priority is to identify suitable sites and build some houses. We have started the process - see the "Site identification plan" on our policies page (under 'More' on the menu).

Who for?


CLT legislation (mainly the Housing and Regeneration Act 2008) allow CLTs to rent or lease houses ONLY to local people — and on the basis that the rental agreement or lease can only be passed on or sold to people approved by the CLT - permanently!

Who decides where and what sort of house to build?


That's easy: the members. 

The board of directors who make all the key decisions are elected by the voting members, and we plan to set up a housing site and design panels to help us make these decisions.

. . . and who can live in them?


Again: the members will decide. We will have a housing allocation policy to set the priority categories (point systems) to choose people who live and/or work locally, have strong local connections and are in the greatest need. 

Local choices made by local people.

Will START do anything else?


It could - but our first priority will be affordable houses - we are already losing valuable young members of our village communities who can't afford to get on the housing ladder here. But having START in place gives our communities the flexibility to do what Cocking has done, should we ever want to 

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